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‘Bellowing at the kids from the touchline won’t help our game’


So says Sir Trevor Brooking, the Football Association’s Director of Development.

In his article in the Mail on Sunday (10/10/10), Brooking says “The animated shouting and hollering – so evident along the touchlines in our local games – destroys technical development and extinguishes the fun element of the game.

The 5-11 age group is where ball control and individual technical skills are embedded and can be transferred into small sized games. We encourage players to become decision makers during practice, rather than keep looking to the touchline for guidance.

But at the 11-16 stage, it is virtually impossible for any player to flourish if ball mastery is not achieved during the earlier period of development. Suddenly you are confronted with 11-a-side matches and unless players have become confident passers or are comfortable in possession, then the aimless punt up field becomes their only outlet”

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