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What is football all about?


Read this excellent article by Steve Cohen, first published in the South Bucks Star this week.

Click here to read the full article.  Here are a few of Steve’s words:

“Football is the world’s greatest game, but it only needs a couple of coats to be placed on the ground as goalposts to make it work.”

“My son joined a children’s team a couple of years ago and it was only then that I realised just how large and involved junior football really is in Bucks.”

“I have now attended numerous packed and well-organised tournaments, and I’ve also enjoyed the weekly slog of countless training sessions. Football is not just about the Rooneys and the Terrys; the real heroes are the unsung coaches who give their time and expertise year in and year out for nothing apart from the love of the game.”

“I now get more excited when I’m watching our under-9s team try to hold on to a lead in the dying minutes than I do about seeing a bunch of pampered Premiership prima donnas.”

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