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Annual Club Meeting – 9th July


HTJFC LogoHTJFC held its Annual General Meeting on Monday 9th July in the Ken Williams Memorial Pavilion, Hazlemere Rec.

Some items of interest:

  1. Finances In season 2011-12 we actually spent more than we took in, thereby drawing on funds built up in previous seasons. A lot of teams had new kit and much training equipment was bought which will help pay for itself in the future.
  2. Tea Barr This was once again a much appreciated facility, well used by parents and other visitors. The club received £575 from the profits made and this will be donated to Holy Trinity Church for them to distribute as required.
  3. League Season No league titles for HT teams but we had 3 runners up (Mariners, Lions and Thistle)In the League Cup competitions, we had 3 finalists with one of them – HT Thistle winning their Cup.
  4. Hazlemere Sixes. Organisationally another success and on the pitch one of the best ever for HT teams with 2 cup winners (Lions and Knights) and 2 plate winners (Eagles and Thistle).
  5. Team Player numbers We are generally good for numbers and full in some cases at the mini-soccer age groups. Once they reach teenage and turn to 11-a-side, numbers seems to drop off as other interests take over! Re-registration in May has been a success but only highlighted the gaps which we need to fill if we are to run the same number of sides.
  6. Under 11’s The Chiltern Church Junior League has decided that we will play 9 vs 9 at Under 11s this coming season, a year ahead of the FA’s requiremnet to do so. In 2013-14, the Under 7s will play 5-a-side.
  7. Under 15s This coming season will see the Under 15s have their own league instead of having to compete with Under 16s.
  8. League matches. These will start on 22nd September, thereby allowing at least 3 weeks for training at the start of the season. As many games will be played in the first term as possible to allow for bad weather and postponements in the Spring term.
  9. Under 6s Academy The meeting acknowledged the great work done by Chris Bis ( assisted by Karen Barr and Shafiq) in teaching basic football skills to about 34 children aged 5 and 6.
  10. Croquet We understand that the building of a croquet pitch is going ahead this autumn therefore replacing the current pitch 1 on the WDC side of the Rec. We will need an additional intermediate pitch to meet the needs of the Under 11s and the Girls teams.

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