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News from the CCJFL


CCJFL LogoThe Chiltern Church Junior Football League recently held its Annual General Meeting and these are some of the key points that emerged:

1. Teams in aged groups U10-U16 need to apply if they want to enter the league Cup competition. Fixture dates for this competition have been fixed. I f you cannot play on the given date, you will exit the competition. If the game is postponed due to an unplayable pitch, it will be rescheduled for the next week and so on, until it has been played.

2. First league fixtures of season 2013-14 are likely to be on Saturday 14th September. Therefore HTJFC will holdits first offical training date on Saturday 31st August.

3. Format of the Child Appropriate Competitions for Under7s and Under 9s still to be finalized.

4. U7s will play 5 v 5 in all matches

5. U8s, U9s and U10s will play 7 v 7 in all matches

6. U11s and U12s will play 9 v 9 in all matches

7. U13s-U16s will play 11 v 11

8. It is likely there will not be an U14 League this season. In which case a combined U14/U15 division will run with the weaker U15 teams, and a combined U15/U16 division with the stronger U15s.

9. U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s will all be single age band.

10. Some ‘playing up a year’ will be allowed. However Under 13s will not be able to play up a year due to the merger of U14s with U15s. Similarly U14s wont be able to play with U15s if they are in the U15/U16 division.

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