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HT Teams and their Manager


HTJFC LogoFor the benefit of all players and their families plus anyone seeking to join one of our teams, here they are listed with the manager’s name:

U6 Academy                 Kevin Bennett

U7 Harriers                  Jamie Harris

U7 Ospreys                  Jamie Harris

U8 Hotspur                  Chris Bis

U8 Gunners                 Benedict Mwendwa

U9 Kestrels                 Jamie Holmes

U9 Kites                       Phillip Oldcorn

U10 Falcons                Adrian Brady

U10 Dragons               Graham Dunn

U11 Rangers               Dave Chapman

U12 Knights                Geoff Hutchinson

U12 Mariners              Chris Baldock

U13 Eagles                  Dan Fuger

U14 Hawks                  Carl Baldwin

U15 Tornadoes           Mark Smith

U16 Lions                    Adrian Jones

U16 Vixens (Girls)      Steve Roy

The attached HT Pitch Plan shows where each team will normally have its ‘home’ pitch

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