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HTJFC – ‘Giving Everyone a Fair Chance’


You may have seen or heard some interesting discussion about junior football  in the media recently.

Local side Chalfont St Peter it seems had got themselves a rather “aggressive” Under 10s coach who sent an email to the parents (allegedly) suggesting that winning was everything and nothing else mattered.

This was picked up and reported in the Daily Mail and also in the Bucks Free Press. (Click each link to read their version.)

New strip 2011As a result, your club officers at HTJFC thought that we should clarify our position. This matter will also be on the agenda for our next AGM, in the summer, because it is important that the club ethos is discussed, understood and bought into.

A handbook containing our Constitution, various adopted Codes of Conduct, Policies and our Complaints Procedure was put together as part of our successful application for the FA Charter Standard Mark some years ago. Those documents remain in force and are available to view , download and/or print below.

Our Mission Statement, again adopted some years ago states that HTJFC is committed…. to fostering a caring and supportive environment for all members of the club, with equal value given to both sexes, to our different cultures and to all ages and abilities”

Our ethos at HTJFC is that we do not select on ability and want to give everyone a fair chance.

 – If we have more than one team at any age group we try and split them into two equal teams, not one A team and one B team.

 – We do want to win games and league titles because the children like that and it makes them feel good, but we won’t exclude any child in the pursuit of championships.

 – At very young ages where they play two games we will should avoid using the phrases league game and friendly and call them game one and game two.

 – We appreciate that the strong team/weak team conundrum is the biggest challenge being faced in junior football. We trust our team managers to have  a plan which meets the club’s philosophy and, if necessary, to discuss it with parents for their buy in.

HTJFC Constitution                                                     Code of Conduct for Football

Code of Conduct for Coaches                                 Code of Conduct for Players

Code of Conduct for Parents Guardians Carers

Equal Opportunities Policy for Clubs              Club Complaints Procedure

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