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HTJFC Provides Delight in Kenya


Kenya 1For a number of years now HTJFC has donated funds to the Holy Trinity Church either to help its childrens’ work or to go to help their work in Kenya.

Kenya 2We have recently received these photos from Jim Leftwich who leads the HT Church mission to Kenya each year and is a Trustee of Amani UK. The youngsters out there do love having football kit and equipment! Click on each photo to enlarge

Jim writes to us:

“I have just received the attached photos of 4 of the school teams who received team kits and balls from the HTJFC gift.  Their delight is unmistakeable.  The 3rd photo also includes the youngsters from the HT trip team who organised training sessions and played with them. 

Our team only arrived back in the UK on Monday evening so we are looking forward to hearing their first-hand accounts, but I do know from Derek Hopwood, the team leader, that it was a re-sounding success.”

Kenya 3Kenya 4For more details please go to www.amaniuk.org.uk


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